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  • To preserve and sustain the unique character of the Little Spokane River Valley, including it's open space and natural setting.
  • To maintain lower density zoning.
  • To protect the area's ecosystem including water quality, wetlands, priority habitat and wildlife, and dwindling native vegetation.
  • To encourage the development of area parks and natural areas.
  • To educate public officials of the concerns of the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley, and be pro-active when major issues are at the forefront.

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    Welcome to the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley

    Geology / History    
    A "Walk" Through FLSRV's 2018 Activities
    by Tina Wynecoop
  • Enlarged membership boundaries on each side of LSR from 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 mile.
  • Met with Barry Greene, Spokane County traffic planner to discuss adding a trail from Colbert Road to Midway Road.
  • Discussed trails/roads in planning stages for "Village At Midway" and learned that road construction at Northside Aquatic Park will continue now that funding to complete the park has been received.
  • Sent letter to WDFW supporting addition of their parcel to the Waikiki Springs natural area north of Mill Road.
  • Invited David Schaub, Director of Inland Northwest Land Conservancy, to speak to our board about efforts to protect open space in the LSRV.
  • Received approval to have a cross walk painted at Pine River Park enabling safe passage when crossing the road from the pedestrian trail to the park.
  • Prepared annual budget for 2018.
  • Pursued grants.
  • Opposed proposed changes to low-density (LDRS) standards for county.
  • Hiked with naturalist/historian/author Jack Nisbet at the confluence of Latah/Hangman Creek and the Spokane River. (Wonderful as usual.)
  • Picked up litter along WSDOT's Children of the Sun Trail – from Wandermere Frontage Road to Highway 2 – four times.
  • Reported finding a transient camp along Children of the Sun trail near Farwell Elementary.
  • Celebrated expansion of Midway Elementary.
  • Held annual meeting at Wandermere Golf Course in February. The dinner/guest speaker/silent auction fund-raiser were enjoyed.
  • Cleaned litter in LSRV on Earth Day thanks to many hard-working volunteers.
  • Expanded the mailing area for recipients of our newsletters.
  • Attended/testified at the hearing before the "shooting advisory board" to address a neighbor's appeal to alter the boundaries of an established "no shooting area" so a local resident could operate a shooting range.
  • Earned funds from Smile.Amazon shoppers who kindly designated our FLSRV non-profit as recipient.
  • Survived disruption of Little Spokane Drive sewer project this fall. Patience and ingenuity required.
  • Submitted detailed engineering design to Spokane County for the extension of non-motorized trail from Midway to Colbert roads.
  • Received funding from Fred Meyer's non-profit program, thanks to shoppers who designated FLSRV as the recipient.
  • Promoted our organization and its activities on the Nextdoor Neighbor app., reaching thirteen neighborhoods and over 2,000 subscribers.
  • Bestowed the honorary title of 'Director Emeritus' on Jack Bury, our longtime board member who continues his support of FLSRV in an advisory capacity re: legal issues.
  • Thanked all the generous donors of items for our silent auction.
  • Geology / History

    Ice Skating in the Little Spokane River Valley

    by Ty Brown

    Murder at Greenleaf Farm: The Tragic Downfall of Theodore Cushing and His Ties to Francis H. Cook and Wandermere Golf Course

    by Ty Brown

    Wandermere Golf Course: Legacy on the Little Spokane River

    Jack Nisbet's and FLSRV's Sixth Annual Walking Tour: Lower Hangman/Latah Creek April 29, 2018

    by Tina Wynecoop

    "Don't tell my wife about this!"

    by Tina Wynecoop


    By Dan Webster ... Courtesy of Spokesman Review

    Inland Northwest Geology

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