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  • To preserve and sustain the unique character of the Little Spokane River Valley, including it's open space and natural setting.
  • To maintain lower density zoning.
  • To protect the area's ecosystem including water quality, wetlands, priority habitat and wildlife, and dwindling native vegetation.
  • To encourage the development of area parks and natural areas.
  • To educate public officials of the concerns of the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley, and be pro-active when major issues are at the forefront.

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    Welcome to the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley

    New Benches for the Haynes Estate Trails Area
    By Kirk Neumann
    The bad news is… After many years of trusty service, the bench overlooking the Little Spokane River at the Haynes Estate has succumbed to deterioration and vandalism.

    The good news is… Two new benches are planned to be installed this summer. The Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley Board of Directors have recently authorized the purchase of two new benches to be installed at the Haynes Estate Area. The new benches will be installed near the area of the original bench. These two benches will allow a pleasant rest while walking along the trail and provide an elevated view of the river valley to observe wildlife.

    The Haynes Estate can be accessed from either the Pine River Park neighborhood or from Leona Drive. The new benches will be made of composite (plastic) seats and backs with a heavy duty steel frame. The steel support frames will be cemented to the ground to secure the benches for many years of service. The steel supports will be green and the composite benches will be brown. This color scheme should blend in with the natural environment.

    The benches will be installed as an 'Eagle Scout Project' by Lukas Craze who is a member of Troop 218. This project will utilize volunteer workers from the Boy Scout Troop. As part of the project the shingles on the kiosk roofs at the entrance to Haynes Estate will also be replaced. We are all looking forward to the successful completion of this project.

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