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    Welcome to the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley

    General Service Modifications for 2010 Park Season
    by Doug Chase
    Service Adjustments: Just as many businesses and families are experiencing fiscal challenges in this economic downturn, Spokane County Parks is no exception. Our department is working hard to do our part in 2010 to provide the best service possible with a reduced budget.

    We sincerely appreciate the community’s understanding, patience and support in the implementation of what we hope will be temporary service reductions such as restroom availability, trash removal, frequency of mowing, and other maintenance services outlined below. Given limited resources, every attempt will be made to maintain the park system in a safe, clean condition.

    In addition to a handful of site specific service modifications (listed below), three levels of service modifications have been established to be implemented throughout our park system. Parks were assigned a Level I, II, or III after careful consideration of the following criteria:

    1) Estimated visitation

    2) Recreation league play

    3) Cost of service delivery

    4) Revenue generated

    5) Proximity to urban areas

    6) Proximity to similar services

    7) Variety of activities available

    8) Proximity of other parks

    9) Grant obligations

    10) Cooperative agreements

    11) Deed restrictions

    Questions about the 2010 Park season should be directed to Spokane County Parks, Recreation

    & Golf, at 509-477-4730.

    Level III Park Service Modifications in Detail

    Parks shall still “open” annually on April 15th and remain open through October 15th. Effective for 2010, services as applicable will be provided or otherwise limited as defined below, June 1st through September 15th as follows:

    • Garbage service will not be provided. “Pack it

    in, pack it out” policy in full effect.

    • Restrooms will not be opened.

    • Lawn areas will be mowed in the spring to

    eliminate fire hazard, but will not be fertilized

    or aerated.

    • Staff will continue to respond to reports of

    vandalism, but response times may increase. Priority will be given to Level I and Level II

    sites, while Level III sites will be addressed as resources allow.

    • Miscellaneous inspections of equipment and

    facilities such as fences, signs, backstops, play

    equipment, benches, and tables will occur not

    less than once per month.

    • Tree maintenance and shrub care will occur

    only to eliminate fire hazard and maintain safety


    • Parking lots and gravel roads will be monitored

    for safety concerns, but generally will not be


    • Weed trimming will not occur.

    • Irrigation and potable water will be shut off and unavailable.

    • Noxious weed control will be completed as

    mandated by law within the Department’s


    • Electricity will not be activated.

    • Visits to inspect & adjust sprinklers, time clocks, address dry spots, and complete minor irrigation repairs will not occur..

    • Tables will not be set out.

    • Gates will be locked in an “open” position for the entire season.

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