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    Welcome to the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley

    Pine River Park Help Keep it Open
    by Lance Pounder
    As most of you know, Spokane County Parks Department did not take care of Pine River Park, Camelot, Fish Lake, or Bear Lake last season. Despite this, all of them stayed open because of volunteers and private donations. These parks will not get funding again by the County this year, so the Friends of Little Spokane Valley is looking at signing an agreement to maintain Pine River Park this year if we can get enough help from the community in the form of monetary donations and volunteers.

    If we commit to doing this it will cost about $6000.00 and a lot of volunteer time. Here is a breakdown of what will be needed and where the money will go:

    1) Lawn mowing $3000.00

    2) Watering lawns $2000.00

    3) Sprinkler repairs $500.00

    4) Garbage bags, signage, and misc. materials $350.00

    5) Porta Potties (anonymous donation) -Thank you!

    6) Dumpsters Spokane County will pay

    for this

    7) Road Oiling Hoping by Spokane County.

    Volunteers will be needed to: pick up garbage, repair sprinklers, open and close the park daily, empty garbage cans daily, and other misc. things. Emptying the garbage cans can take

    a lot of work. On a hot summer weekend there can be as many as 13 bags a day.

    So, the Friends of Little Spokane Valley is asking for your help in the form of monetary donation or donation of personal time.

    The Camelot Neighborhood Association signed an agreement last year to take care of their park. They sent out a request for a donation of $25.00 from every household to pay for maintenance and raised nearly $9000.00. Some donated a lot more, while others did not donate anything, but they were able to keep their park in great shape. We are hoping to keep this park looking good this year. There are a lotof people that use this park for Church groups, birthday parties, and family gatherings. Unfortunately, many of these groups stopped using the park last year when the grass died and it started to look terrible due to hot summer days.

    Along with donations and volunteers we will be looking for a person or persons to help oversee the park to make sure things are taken care of and schedule maintenance, as well as calling volunteers when needed. I urge you to please make a donation to the FLSRV put Pine River Park on it so we can make sure it goes directly to the park.

    To volunteer please send an email to:


    Please include your name, phone number, and a description of any skills that may help, as well as days that you would most likely be able to volunteer.

    Thank you,

    Lance Pounder, President

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