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    Welcome to the Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley

    WTA Work Parties 2012
    Greetings to you on this snowy day in March! Hope you had a great Winter doing your recreation of choice. Even though it's still frozen out, it's time to start thinking about what we'll be doing in the warm months, and I truly hope that a WTA work party will be in your plans. The need for volunteers to make up for the funding deficits to care for our favorite trails is the greatest it's ever been. There's no shortage of work to be done. And since trailwork is great exercise, fun and rewarding, it's a winning combination. So here's the scoop for 2012.

    Remember that the sign-ups are posted on the WTA.org web site approximately one month before the date of the work party. The backcountry weekend trips and Volunteer Vacations are already on the web site for you to check out.

    LIBERTY LAKE The grant has been approved and so we will begin work there in just three weeks! The blasting, bridge work, and trail widening won't happen for a while yet. We'll start on lower elevation trail improvements, fix that nasty tree root section on the switchbacks, then work our way up to the waterfall and beyond. We need 2000 hours of volunteer work in 2 years in order for the County to be able to get the full value of the grant. That's about 10 people per work party, so your presence will be greatly appreciated!

    March 25, 29, 31

    April 2 and 26 (when we hope to see Itron in full force!) possibly the 21st - see below

    May 3, 5, 6, 10, and 12

    June 2 National Trails Day

    DISHMANHILLS / REI Service Day April 22 we will be participating in the service day project, including T-shirts and pizza afterward, but it will be a full work day for us. If it turns out that we can build a new trail there, we will be there both April 21 and 22. If not, we will be at Liberty Lake on Saturday and Dishman Hills on Sunday.

    MT SPOKANE As you know there have been huge budget cuts in the State Park system and so the ability of the rangers to repair trails has diminished even more. Three days of volunteering over a 12 month period will get you a free Discover Pass.

    June 11 and 14

    July 23

    August 2, 18 and 19

    September 1 and 6

    GIBRALTAR This Volunteer Vacation is scheduled for June 9-16. If you want a fun and inexpensive week enjoying the wilderness, views, great food and company, take a look at WTA's website. I personally am looking forward to a week on the Pacific Crest Trail in August. There are also Youth Volunteer Vacations that are hugely popular.

    LITTLE PEND D'OREILLE NWR June 9-10 car camp weekend up by Colville to put in a new trail. We may return here in September also if more work needs to be done to finish the project.

    SALMO-PRIEST / SULLIVAN LAKE We are also participating in a grant to support major improvements on the Salmo Loop and Sullivan Lake Trails. Please consider a weekend car camp or backpack this Summer to enjoy some time in OUR Wilderness.

    June 23-25 car camp at Sullivan Lake to work on the lakeshore trail. Will have access to the bunkhouse for a luxury trip and to the lake after the workday ends.

    July 7-9

    July 19-22

    August 4-6

    August 9-12

    These are all "Backcountry Response Team" BCRT trips into the Salmo-Priest Wilderness involving either a car camp at a remote trailhead or backpacking in to the work site. A lot of great exercise is had on these trips, and they are very rewarding. You still work at your own pace. Give it a shot!

    That brings us back to September and Liberty Lake. We'll see how the blasting is coming along and finally fix that section just before the waterfall!

    Thank you for your hard work and great company last year. It is my honor to work with and get to know you a bit. Hope to see you soon on the trail!

    Jane Baker, WTA Crew leader

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