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    New Pedestrian-Bike Trail Needs Your Help To Find A Name
    By Tina Wynecoop

    Public input is being sought by the Washington State Department of Transportation for naming the new pedestrian-bike path being built in conjunction with the new North Spokane Corridor (NSC).

    The 10.5 mile NSC will include a parallel pedestrian-bike path along the entire route. The first section of the trail will open in 2009 from Lincoln Road to Farwell Road. The second section, continuing north to Wandermere will be opening in 2011.

    Future sections will connect neighborhoods to neighborhoods as well as provide connections to the Centennial and Ben Burr trails and scenic viewpoints of the Spokane area. After the names are submitted, a committee of local citizens and leaders will review the entries and choose the trail name.

    The NSC facility already captures some of the local flavor in some of the design features along the route. For example, the Morgan Acres bridges have a wagon wheel motif, the bridges to the north have the Children of the Sun motif, the Perry bridge has the flying and hiking herons (requested by Friends of the Little Spokane River) and they all have the basalt finish molded into the concrete. T

    he Department hopes to have a similar community connection captured with the name of the new trail. To submit a suggestion for the trail name, go to the North Spokane Corridor website at http://www.nscfreeway.com and click on the Help Name the Trail link.

    Please have your suggestion submitted before January 31, 2009 [note: recent contact with WSDOT official lists February 15th as the cut off date - TW].

    Contact information for the North Spokane Corridor can be reached at

    Brittany Pfeifer--SDOT

    Eastern Region..509-324-6511


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