Doggy Poo

by David Maccini We have had complaints about doggy poo on some of our walking trails. Dog poop can be a source of water pollution. Rain, snow and sprinklers melt dog poop and then runoff can carry it to storm drains, ditches and streams that feed our river. It doesn’t have to be a problem. What can you do to help? Carry plastic bags when walking your pet. There are convenient bag carriers that clip to your dog’s leash. Pick up your dog’s waste. Use a plastic bag, gloves or a scoop. Seal the waste inside a plastic bag and throw it in your trash can. Wash your hands afterward. We want to keep our trails pleasant and rivers clean.

A Review Of FLSRV’s 2019 Accomplishments

by Tina Wynecoop • Colbert Road/Little Spokane Drive graveled connector trail completed • Crosswalk signage installed at Pine River Park •Annual Meeting/Auction successful • Membership to FLSRV increased • Roadside litter in LSRV removed • Monthly FLSRV board meetings held • Mead to Mt. Spokane Highway 2 public input design meetings attended • FLSRV newsletters and notices published/mailed • FLSRV website ( updated • Water Quality testing on Little Spokane River, Little Deep Creek, Deadman Creek performed monthly • Trails brochure and map revised and updated • Fred Meyers community $$ rewards program added a few new supporters •Jack Nisbet 7th annual spring hike at Teleford well-attended and enjoyed • Amazon’s fundraising for non-profits program signed up a few more FLSRV supporters • Fairwood Farmer’s Market booth staffed to inform community about FLSRV • “Children of the Sun” Trail litter pickup completed three times between Hwy 2-Hwy 395 • Website made “mobile device friendly” • Members, volunteers, and donors contributed to the on-going success of FLSRV • Design and engineering plans for the next phase of trail-building (Midway Road to Colbert Road) nearly completed Thank you each and every one…our review of 2020 accomplishments is only 12 months away!

Spokane Conservation District is Looking For A Few Good Men (Or Women)

by Lindell Haggin The Spokane Conservation district is hoping to expand its core of volunteers. Currently, there is one team of volunteers doing water sampling once a month at three sites. These sites are at the distal end of Little Deep Creek just before it enters Peone Creek (Deadman); Peone Creek just below where Little Deep Creek enters; and on Little Spokane River just above the entry of Peone Creek. The testing at the these sites has been going on for 16 years or more. This gives the Conservation District a good baseline of information. If changes take place at one or more of the sites that are detrimental to the river quality, we can then try to pinpoint the problem. A meeting was held in December to demonstrate the equipment and explain the process to potential volunteers. Four people attended and had the opportunity to learn about the purpose of the testing and how it was conducted. The hope is to have additional sites tested over a wider area of the watershed. Then we will better be able to determine if there are problem areas that we are not aware of and/or where changes take place in the future. […]

Jack Nisbet’s 8th Annual Walking Tour

Hog Lake Sunday, April 26, 2020 9:30 am-12:30 pm Join us for a morning hike through pine woodlands and open shrub- steppe to a classic lake of the Cheney-Palouse scablands. We will view the waterfall that feeds Hog Lake, then stroll through a variety of spring wildflowers and cultural features as we listen for spring bird songs. Meet at the upper Hog Lake parking lot at 9:30 a.m. The trail has moderate inclines and is very rocky in places. We will walk around 1 1⁄2 – 2 miles. Bring snacks, good hiking boots, sunscreen, and tick repellent if desired. – DIRECTIONS – Take I-90 30 miles west of Spokane to the Fishtrap exit. Turn left, go back over the freeway, and continue south on the East Sprague Road. Turn left on Lake Valley Loop Road, which is dirt. Cross the railroad tracks and continue straight on past the BLM gate and information sign. Follow this dirt road to the next BLM parking and information site above Hog Lake. The hike will start and end at this parking lot. The link below contains both a highway and a BLM map of the area. Send the form below, along with a […]

Trail and Fundraising Update

by David Maccini Our next planned trail is on the west side of Little Spokane Dr. from Colbert Rd. to Midway Rd. A survey has been completed so that we know where the county right of way is located. We are hoping to partner with local landowners to obtain easements where necessary. Once the design is completed, then the work will be put out for bids to help determine cost of the project. Then the serious work of obtaining funding will begin! We will be applying for grants from local organizations such as Kalispel Tribe, Avista, Innovia Foundation, and others. We will also be accepting donations from our members and local citizens who are interesting in expanding our trails and enhancing our valley. If you are interested in helping with the process or want to make donations please contact us at:

Little Spokane Connector Trail

by Mark Case / Tina Wynecoop The newest portion of the ever-expanding FLSRV pedestrian trail system was constructed/completed on two Saturdays in October 2019. The Colbert Road Trail now extends from the bridge over the Little Spokane River on E. Colbert Road to Little Spokane Drive. Professionally designed engineering plans were created by board member Mark Case and presented to the county for approval. Construction bids were sent out. The bids came in over the top – way higher than the trails budget could absorb without impeding future trails construction. FLSRV’s board voted to build the connector by relying on the expertise, practical know-how and muscles that characterize the members. Permits were acquired since 220’ of the trail crosses private properties. Two landowners generously donated easement rights. The rights are now permitted and recorded by Spokane County. Our deepest thanks extended to two landowners – the Horns and Chaudrys – for being so supportive of our organization’s goals by allowing the trail connector to cross over their properties. Traffic control, required by the county, was necessary during construction of the trail. Funding to cover the expense of hiring traffic control was donated by a FLSRV member. Signage and enforcement protected […]

Valley Cleanup 2020

by Michael Kennedy Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley will hold their annual cleanup day for the valley on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 9:30 AM. Due to the construction along Little Spokane Rd. last year we will meet again at Moose Park in Gleneden at 9:30 AM. Our goal each year is to clean up most of the major roads in the valley from Wandermere to Perry; Shady Slope to the top of the hill; Dartford to Hazard Road; Hatch Road to the pool; and Golden Road, Midway, and Colbert Road including some new area along US 395. Please mark your calendars for this year’s cleanup. We need your time and continued support to help to keep our Valley clean. This is also a good way to get to know your neighbors. Remember meeting at Moose Park this year!!! After the cleanup, an annual chili feed will be held at Bart and Lindell Hagen’s home for those who helped out. Thanks to all who help with both cleanup and the cooking!

Safety First

by Kirk Neumann The trail system along the Little Spokane River has become a little safer. This is due to a new crosswalk adjacent to Pine River Park. The new crosswalk, which includes four signs and painted asphalt across Little Spokane River Drive was installed by the Spokane County Roads Department. This new addition to the trail system was set into motion during the Spokane County “Town Hall” session for Roads Safety. Within a week of testifying at the Town Hall Meeting about the need for a new cross walk, County Road Crews were out installing the signs and painting the asphalt. A special “Thank You” goes out to our County Commissioners; Mary Kuney, Josh Kerns, and Al French for their support for this public safety improvement project. The FLSRV has worked together with Spokane County in the past with positive results. Several of the trail sections that we all enjoy today have been inspired and developed due to cooperation between the FLSRV and Spokane County. We look forward to working together with the county to further develop the trail system in the Little Spokane River Valley Area.

2020 Annual Meeting and Dinner / Auction

Friday, February 28, 2020 Wandermere Golf Club This event is so important. The food is excellent, getting acquainted with your neighbors is so great, and the opportunity to purchase wonderful auction items is a gift to you and to FLSRV. Please make it a point in your life to come this year and celebrate our beautiful Valley. Board members serve two year terms and this year the following are up for re- election: Lindell Hagen Tina Wynecoop Kirk Neuman Mark Case Please make your reservations by returning the form at the bottom of the enclosed membership form along with your money for dinner tickets. If you have items you would like to contribute to the auction please call Harla Jean 951-2084

Tangy Lemon Squares

By Harla Jean Biever, from my friend Betty Cox At one of our board meetings we shared a treat that everyone liked so much that they wanted our FLSRV members and friends to enjoy. Here is the recipe: Cream together: 1 cup butter 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1/3 cup flour Spread in bottom of greased 9 X13” pan Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes Beat 4 eggs until light and foamy Gradually add 2 cups sugar Add 1/2 cup lemon juice 1 tsp baking powder 2 cups flour Pour over baked crust and continue baking for 20 minutes at 350 degrees or until set and golden brown. Cool. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Cut into squares when very cool .