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A Look Back at FLSRV History

by Martha Schafer, Board Vice-President

I remember spending hours at the County Building and Planning department pouring over plat maps, discussing the proposed boundaries of high density growth, and looking at development proposals for the Little Spokane area; my preschoolers were in tow. My children are now in college. That tells you just how long I have had a passion for maintaining the quality of life in our valley area that we all love.

At the outset, I met a neighbor at a County Parks meeting in (1995) that shared the same passion for protecting the rural character and the watershed in the Little Spokane River Valley. We discovered several others in our area with similar interests and began meeting monthly, created our mission statement, and became a non-profit neighborhood association which has blossomed into the strong organization that we are today.

I have been a member of the board since we started, taking on the Trails Committee leadership in 1999. I have logged many hours for the FLSRV and have found it personally rewarding to volunteer alongside so many neighbors who are willing to do their part.

I am proud of the fact that when the board deals with neighborhood concerns, they do so in a level headed manner, looking at all sides before making a decision or taking a position. I am also proud of our many accomplishments, especially the development of the FLSRV trail system (still being built), fighting for the rural conservation designation of the river valley (part of the Growth Management Plan that limits high density development in our watershed), and being a key player in the acquisition of the Haynes property with one-quarter mile of the Little Spokane River as Conservation Futures property for the public to enjoy.

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