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A Review Of FLSRV’s 2019 Accomplishments

by Tina Wynecoop

• Colbert Road/Little Spokane Drive graveled connector trail completed

• Crosswalk signage installed at Pine River Park •Annual Meeting/Auction successful

• Membership to FLSRV increased

• Roadside litter in LSRV removed

• Monthly FLSRV board meetings held

• Mead to Mt. Spokane Highway 2 public input design meetings attended

• FLSRV newsletters and notices published/mailed

• FLSRV website ( updated

• Water Quality testing on Little Spokane River, Little Deep Creek, Deadman Creek performed monthly

• Trails brochure and map revised and updated

• Fred Meyers community $$ rewards program added a few new supporters

•Jack Nisbet 7th annual spring hike at Teleford well-attended and enjoyed

• Amazon’s fundraising for non-profits program signed up a few more FLSRV supporters

• Fairwood Farmer’s Market booth staffed to inform community about FLSRV

• “Children of the Sun” Trail litter pickup completed three times between Hwy 2-Hwy 395

• Website made “mobile device friendly”

• Members, volunteers, and donors contributed to the on-going success of FLSRV

• Design and engineering plans for the next phase of trail-building (Midway Road to Colbert Road) nearly completed

Thank you each and every one…our review of 2020 accomplishments is only 12 months away!

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