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We came into existence in 1996 when a developer initiated a project that would impact the beauty, housing density, and rural feel of the Valley. Over the years we have:

• Raised county awareness of storm-water run-off into the Little Spokane River resulting in county re-design to mitigate 

•Assisted the county in maintenance of Pine River Park during several low budget years 

•Assisted Spokane Conservation district in monthly water quality monitoring including equipment purchases 

• Supported Conservation Futures applications and played an instrumental part in county purchase of Haynes Conservation District 

• Planted native species and installed hard landscape in Haynes Conservation District and along other trail sections 

• Developed and installed signage at the entrance to the Valley and along the trail system including our “Walking Heron” logo 

• Supported the updating of the Pine River Entrance sign 

• Provided significant input for the aesthetic design of three bridges over our river and retaining walls in the Valley 

• Gathered and continue to share historical stories about the Valley

• Developed and publish a semi-annual newsletter 

• Developed and implemented a website 

• Sponsor an annual cleanup day throughout the valley with collection of several tons of garbage (April 22nd this year, 2017) 

• Adopted a section of the new Children of the Sun trail, which is along the new North-South Corridor, for ongoing clean-up four times per year 

• Provided input into the County Comprehensive Plan resulting in limiting housing density and a requirement for trails and sidewalks to be included in future development 

• Organized a meeting for public input to development of a trail system in the Valley  Planned, built and maintain over 15 miles of multi-use trails in our Valley 

• Sponsored four Eagle Scout projects resulting in benches and kiosks along the trail system which we continue to maintain 

• Provide doggie doo dispensers along trails 

• Secured generous grants worth several thousand dollars for trail development, construction and signage 

• Educated public officials regarding issues related to Little Spokane River Valley  Organize annual educational walks with renowned naturalist and author Jack Nisbet (May 6th this year) 

• Organize an annual meeting and fund raising auction 

• This year we are in the process of extending the trails with an addition of 1000 feet along Colbert Rd. from the bridge to Little Spokane Drive 

• Improved the safety for school children walking to and from school and to the Northside pool 

• Memorial bricks engraved and placed at kiosk to honor residents who have made a positive impact in our community 

When you join this organization you help to promote ongoing projects as opportunities arise. 

Please consider joining our neighborhood family by becoming a member

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