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Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley Trails Update

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Dave Maccini & Kirk Neumann

The FLSRV has started trail work along Little Spokane Dr. between Midway and Colbert Rd. This section, once finished, will complete a loop going up Colbert Rd. to Meadowbrook Rd, to Hilltop to Pine Needle and down Golden Rd. back to Little Spokane Dr. The first several hundred feet, from Colbert Rd heading south, was completed this fall. Using a sod cutter, the crew removed the layer of sod to prepare the base for the trail. The sections of sod were rolled up and loaded into trailers for disposal. Several trips were required for all the sod to be removed. After the sod and large rocks were removed, the base was smoothed out by filling in the large holes. A conveyor rock truck was used to deliver the 30 yards of gravel for the trail top layer. In all, 450’ of trail was constructed.

A big thanks to those who helped, including Greg Heline, Janyce Eckhardt, Kirk Neumann, Sarah Olsen and her family, Mark and Laura Case, Alicia Sullivan, and John Misener and his dog Sadie. Also, thanks to George and Judy Maykowski for allowing us a place to dump the sod and dirt! Go for a walk along the new section before it is covered in snow.

We plan to work on the next section, heading south, in the Spring. To complete the trail will require a budget of over $500,000 and some extensive engineering and boardwalk development. If you have a rich uncle who wants to help with funding, please let us know!!

If you want to help us with the fun next Spring, please contact us at:

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