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Little Spokane Connector Trail

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The newest portion of the ever-expanding FLSRV pedestrian trail system was constructed/completed on two Saturdays in October 2019. The Colbert Road Trail now extends from the bridge over the Little Spokane River on E. Colbert Road to Little Spokane Drive.

Professionally designed engineering plans were created by board member Mark Case and presented to the county for approval. Construction bids were sent out. The bids came in over the top – way higher than the trails budget could absorb without impeding future trails construction. FLSRV’s board voted to build the connector by relying on the expertise, practical know-how and muscles that characterize the members.

Permits were acquired since 220’ of the trail crosses private properties. Two landowners generously donated easement rights. The rights are now permitted and recorded by Spokane County. Our deepest thanks extended to two landowners – the Horns and Chaudrys – for being so supportive of our organization’s goals by allowing the trail connector to cross over their properties.

Traffic control, required by the county, was necessary during construction of the trail. Funding to cover the expense of hiring traffic control was donated by a FLSRV member. Signage and enforcement protected the work crew while enabling construction to continue uninterrupted and efficiently along the public right-of-way.

A sod-cutter was rented to smooth and level the trail bed. A culvert was set in place. Building the side slope alongside which connected the two parts of the trail, along with burial of the culvert, was accomplished by using onsite material (rock) necessary for constructing the slope. Additional compaction of the subgrade was done with a rented compactor preparing the way for deliveries of (4) 10-yd truckloads of 5/8”-minus gravel. The robotic gravel application performed by CAD went really well. The CAD operator (Chris) did a fabulous job. He enjoyed the work as much as we did and gave the impression that this was one of his jobs that had top purpose for the community. He placed the gravel accurately. We only had minimal raking to do. “The use of a remote control truck and conveyor system is the way to go in the future, no mess, no work”, said organizer Mark Case. (At least for that part of the job!)

Volunteer workers included FLSRV board members Mark Case, Kirk Neumann, Dave Maccini, Lindel Haggin, Tina Wynecoop. Neighbor Greg Heline provided equipment and muscle. Lori Neumann sent lunch the first day, and Laura Case provided lunch the second workday. Yum.

Mrs. Chaudry brought Starbuck’s hot coffee for all. Other board members who couldn’t attend the work party in person, generously donated time, funding, and expertise behind the scene.

Hats off to all and thanks for a job well done.

Now planning and engineering the next link in the trail to connect Colbert Road Trail to Midway Road Trail is in the design stage!

Paul Horn and his dog Jessie were the first to try out the new trail. The smiles on their faces say it all. Be sure to walk/drive past the new connector path to see what has been accomplished.

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