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Little Spokane Drive Trail Update

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

By David Maccini

Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley is moving forward with plans to extend the trail system with a trail along the west side of Little Spokane Drive between Midway and Colbert Rd. We have had a survey performed to define the county right of way. We have received one bid of over $550,000 for the work to be done!

We have received verbal commitments for easements on private land. We had a wetland specialist help define and rate the wetland area we will traverse. We are arranging a meeting with the US Army Corp of Engineers and Department of Ecology to ensure compliance with a trail through a wetland area. We are seeking funding in the form of grants and donations.

If you would like to help with expertise (construction) please contact us at: friendsoflittlespokaneriver@gmail. com.

To donate find us at and scroll to the bottom of the first page for our online donation form.

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