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October Board Meeting

by Harla Jean Biever

Dr. Thomas Rockefeller, superintendent of the Mead School District, and his assistant, Jared Hoadley, were guests at our October FLSRV Board Meeting. He shared important information regarding the growth in the number of students attending our schools. Each year several hundred new students are added to the Mead system, consequently, there is an ongoing need for more and more facilities to educate these young people.

One facet he explained is the renovation and development of the site where the old Mead Junior High School is located at Market and Farwell. The building, constructed in 1915, will be removed and a large area around that building that is owned by the district will be turned into a community activity spot for our children. Athletic fields for many sports will be constructed. One of the special things this offers is space for our Marching Bands to practice. He emphasized how encouraging it is that parents, grandparents and friends are supportive of the many activities of our students.

We discussed the upcoming vote for the school bond and levy that takes place in February 2018. Dr. Rockefeller told us with the new way Washington State is funding education if BOTH the bond and levy are approved the amount people pay in school taxes will actually go down by 9%. We are now taxed $7.28 per $1000. of assessed value, with the upcoming vote we will be taxed $6.64 per $1000. of assessed value.

Your board urges each of you to be sure you are registered to vote so that we will be able to support our high quality schools.

On another note: Your board is planning the Annual Dinner/Auction get together in February. The auction that takes place is a fund raiser for our trail system that is constantly expanding. We need quality items for this auction so if you have something to donate please contact Harla Jean Biever.

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