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Oldest Business in the Valley: The Colbert Trading Company

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

by Kirk Neumann

In 1885 the Colbert Trading company was originally built as the general store and post office for the town of Dragoon. There was also a train station and hotel at the back of the store. The general store and post office were owned by the Postmaster by the name of Mr. Colbert. The owner was so well liked and respected that the local town’s people renamed Dragoon to the town of Colbert. Since the beginning, the Colbert Trading Company has been a community destination to send and receive mail, purchase groceries, and socialize with neighbors. For over a century, children have ridden their bikes to the store to buy penny candy and treats. The Colbert Trading Company is now owned by the Jensen Family.

Ron Jensen calls it a labor of love to design and remodel the facility for the Colbert Community. Ron and his wife Mary’s goal has been to develop the property as a place where everyone can gather and have fun, from kids to grandparents. The Colbert Trading Co. now serves hand scooped ice cream, espresso, pizza, and craft beer and wines. During the summer, live music and outdoor seating is available for your entertainment.

To experience some history and local community flavor you can visit the Colbert Trading Co. at 18711 Yale Road, Colbert.

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