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Safety First

The trail system along the Little Spokane River has become a little safer. This is due to a new crosswalk adjacent to Pine River Park. The new crosswalk, which includes four signs and painted asphalt across Little Spokane River Drive was installed by the Spokane County Roads Department.

This new addition to the trail system was set into motion during the Spokane County “Town Hall” session for Roads Safety. Within a week of testifying at the Town Hall Meeting about the need for a new cross walk, County Road Crews were out installing the signs and painting the asphalt.

A special “Thank You” goes out to our County Commissioners; Mary Kuney, Josh Kerns, and Al French for their support for this public safety improvement project. The FLSRV has worked together with Spokane County in the past with positive results. Several of the trail sections that we all enjoy today have been inspired and developed due to cooperation between the FLSRV and Spokane County. We look forward to working together with the county to further develop the trail system in the Little Spokane River Valley Area.

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