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Spokane Conservation District is Looking For A Few Good Men (Or Women)

The Spokane Conservation district is hoping to expand its core of volunteers. Currently, there is one team of volunteers doing water sampling once a month at three sites. These sites are at the distal end of Little Deep Creek just before it enters Peone Creek (Deadman); Peone Creek just below where Little Deep Creek enters; and on Little Spokane River just above the entry of Peone Creek. The testing at the these sites has been going on for 16 years or more. This gives the Conservation District a good baseline of information. If changes take place at one or more of the sites that are detrimental to the river quality, we can then try to pinpoint the problem.

A meeting was held in December to demonstrate the equipment and explain the process to potential volunteers. Four people attended and had the opportunity to learn about the purpose of the testing and how it was conducted. The hope is to have additional sites tested over a wider area of the watershed. Then we will better be able to determine if there are problem areas that we are not aware of and/or where changes take place in the future.

The testing only needs to be done once a month (year round) and takes about an hour to complete. If you are interested in helping to monitor the waters of the Little Spokane River watershed, contact Dan Ross at Spokane Conservation District 535-7274 ext. 229 or email him at

You can also contact Lindell Haggin, Tina Wynecoop or Chris Dudley, our current volunteers to find out what it’s like.

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