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Tina Wynecoop

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley board would like to recognize Tina Wynecoop for her 15 years of service as a board member. Prior to that she was on the trails committee for 10 years. Her love for the trails has not abated, and her accomplishments have been many:

  • She regularly participates in work parties for the expansion of our trail system.

  • She has been instrumental in keeping communication flowing between neighborhoods located in our River Valley area.

  • She helped connect FLSRV to the Fairwood Neighborhood Assn. to help work on the protection of the Waikiki Springs area.

  • She worked closely with the Austin Rd. neighborhood about a land use designation that would have increased mining in the area.

  • She has constantly networked with various governmental and community groups to share information and actions that will benefit everyone in the beautiful and sensitive watershed of the Little Spokane River.

  • Tina keeps connectivity going. She has created displays about the Friends of the Little Spokane for our local county library, and has placed notices of our groups’ activities on the NextDoor neighborhood app. as well as the Spokesman Review.

  • Tina has made our newsletters more interesting by regularly contributing expertly written articles that widen our knowledge of both the historical and cultural richness of our area.

We appreciate the fact that she will continue to do this even though she has stepped off the board.

Thanks, Tina, for keeping our group front and center!

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