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Trails Update

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Over the years, Friends of the Little Spokane River Valley has had a part in developing over 10 miles of trails in our valley. Our latest working section stretches along Little Spokane Dr. from Midway Rd, to Colbert Rd. Two short sections have been completed from Colbert Rd. heading south. We have received an easement from the landowner on the corner of Midway and Little Spokane Dr. which will allow the trail to use an old logging trail and avoid cutting down trees.

We hope to begin working on that end of the trail this Spring. We had hoped to obtain a couple additional easements along the way to keep the trail further from the road, but those landowners are not agreeable to having folks on their property. We will be forced to keep the trail in the county right of way, and closer to the road. We will be obtaining a bid for constructing the next south bound section of the trail. We need additional funding to make it all happen and continue to explore various funding options.

If you’d like to help with trail building, you can contact me at:

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