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Trails Committee Update

Progress is slow, last spring we got verbal approval from Spokane County to proceed with the new section of trail upon approval of a detailed design (what ever happened to designing on a napkin?), so we enlisted a surveyor to survey the west side of Little Spokane Drive from Midway Road to Colbert Road.

Meanwhile I got bids to complete the remaining 220 feet of trail at the west end of Colbert Road connecting to Little Spokane Drive, bids were high $9500 and $8500 – too rich for my blood – so some of the board members have pulled together to do the work ourselves, we expect to have that completed before the snow flies.

The next portion of Little Spokane Drive trail will get designed with more detail and submitted to the County for approval and construction in the spring. The length of completion will depend on donations we receive by that time. Hope you are getting out there and enjoying the trails we have completed so far!

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