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US 2 – Colbert Road Intersection Revision

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Project Overview This project will improve the safety at the US 2 and Colbert Road intersection in North Spokane County by installing J-Turns. With increasing collisions, WSDOT was able to secure funding to improve safety by adding J-Turns also known as RCUT’s (Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersection) to reduce the number of conflict points at the open median intersection and increase safety. The J-turns being installed will be similar to those that were constructed on US 195 at Thorpe Rd. in 2019.

Timeline April 2023 – July 2023 Project Status Pre-construction Funding $2.4 Million Project Hotline 509-324-6015

What to Expect This project will construct J-Turns at the US 2 and Colbert Road intersection. During construction, drivers will encounter lane closures, a median closure, and other potential restrictions at the intersection during construction. This project is currently in the early stages of the design phase. Once the J-turns are constructed and complete, drivers will no longer be able to cross US 2 east or west on Colbert Road. Instead, drivers coming from either direction on Colbert Road will make a right turn onto US 2. Once the driver completes the right turn onto US 2, drivers may then merge safely into the left lane proceed into a dedicated turn lane to then make a U-turn once the roadway is clear,and travel the opposite direction on US 2. Drivers can then either continue on US 2 in the desired direction of travel or make a right turn onto Colbert Road to continue heading either east or west.

Those traveling either north or south on US2 who want to make a left turn onto Colbert Road will still have the option via a dedicated left hand turn lane at the existing median.

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