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Water Quality

by Lindell Haggin

Spokane Conservation District (SCD) has been partnering with the Friends of the Little Spokane for over 10 years. During that time Lindell Haggin has been heading up the volunteer Water Quality sampling in three sections of the Little Spokane Watershed; Dragoon Creek, Little Deep Creek, and the Little Spokane River (see Figure bellow). SCD is incredibly thankful for the continued efforts by Lindell and her team of volunteers, who in the rain, snow, and shine collect quality data in these three reaches. During the report at the Friends of the Little Spokane Banquet, SCD laid out how each set of data contributes to understanding trends in the river and smaller tributaries. While the data itself cannot define the health of the stream, as plantings and water quality actions are implemented, the changes may begin to shed light onto the potential for what is effective.

SCD was asked how and what landowners can do to support the Little Spokane River? SCD responded that in addition to planting riparian cover along stream edges and supporting healthy upland practices in agriculture, property owners can think about everyday impacts their actions may have to the watershed such as not over fertilizing their lawn, diversifying bank species, and removal of invasive Reed Canary Grass.

The SCD is looking at expanding the Water Quality Monitoring Network to include more locations on the Little Spokane River. Increasing the number of data points will allow us to better compare water quality from reach to reach and help with identifying future water quality improvement opportunities. We are seeking volunteers to help expand this effort of collecting data in the watershed. Please contact Lindell Haggin at

If you are interested in learning more and participating in the effort. We are looking forward to working with you and seeing the improvement of the watershed.

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