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Whitworth Water District 2019 Update

by Matt Wright, PE, District Superintendent

Whitworth Water District is excited to announce that they have selected Matt Wright as the new District Superintendent. Matt started in his new position with the District on September 4, 2018 and is training with the District’s current Superintendent, Doug Babin, who will be retiring in the next couple years. Doug has been employed with the District since 1978. Tom Davis, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor retired on December 31, 2018. Tom had been with the district since 1979. The new District Office located at 17401 N. Newport Road is nearing completion and we plan to move into the new facility in February of 2019. This project has been in the works for over 20 years and allows the district to consolidate district opera- tions into a single facility. The District Office has been in the current location on Waikiki Road since 1968.

The district’s 10-year Water System Plan has recently been approved by the Department of Health and includes a 10-year Capital Improvement Plan that proposes significant infrastruc- ture improvements through 2027. Included are new distribution and transmission system piping, as well as new source and storage projects that will provide additional system redundancy and ensure capacity for future development. No new wells are proposed within the Little Spokane Aquifer. In early 2019, a new production well will be developed in the Spokane Valley Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer near the existing production well on Mayfair Road. A transmission main project in Mill Road will fol- low later this year, connecting this new well into northern areas of the district. Site investigation and geotechnical testing is cur- rently being conducted on a property off Hatch Road for a new reservoir north of the existing Hatch Reservoir.

Water Quality Testing has been ongoing each month per state and federal regulations with great results. Of the more than 400 water samples collected from 35 sampling sites in 2018, zero positive test results for acute contaminants of co- liforms and nitrates were recorded. Drinking water produced from the Whitworth Water’s various well sites is still pristine with no indications of contamination.

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