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08 Trails Update

By Jim Ellis

Those of you who have traveled along Hatch Road, Little Spokane Drive, or Midway Road this summer may have noted some activity along the right of way.

As a result of the FLSRV trails committee work that was planned in 2004 involving the trail from bridge 3701, Pounders and Haggins, to bridge 3702, Golden Road, was completed on a time and material basis and funded without trail’s fund donations.

The paved trail from Bridge 3702 along the Little Spokane Drive to and up Midway to the existing sidewalk plus the rework and paving of the previously constructed portion from Little Spokane Lane to Lantern Lane was done under contract with your tax dollars in the form of a Federal Grant.

The federal grants do not come without restrictions and as such our planned trail was widened from 5 feet to 8 feet. This required the removal of a number of trees which was not our original intention.

We were not pleased by this action however if we accept the money to do the work we are also required to follow the guidelines.

The construction of sidewalks along Hatch Road was also done this summer to extend and connect the non-motorized pedestrian trail to the Northside Acquatic center. The intent of the trail system design is to serve the most densely populated areas first and then expand radially outward as population growth, demand and funds become available.

The planning for the trails project started in 1999 and saw the first section completed totally by local fund raising and volunteer labor along the Little Spokane Drive, from Greenleaf to Lantern Lane, in 2002.

There will always be more work to do as and if the area continues to expand. In the meantime there will be much all can do to help the overall effort.

In the spring there will be the general cleanup and some trail raking to be done as well as pruning vegetation along and above the trails.

In winter we would ask that those plowing snow to make every effort not to block the trail during snow removal.

Our trails are used year round and any obstruction is detrimental to their use.

Please join in the Spring Cleanup and if you would like to assist on the trails contact Martha Schaeffer at 468-9721

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