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Bidwell Park

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

In late July enough heavy equipment was brought in to build a city, let alone a twenty acre regional park bounded by and situated within 130+ single homes and duplexes called “Estates.”

Construction of ball fields, roads, parking lots, trails, play areas, and modification of the pool site are happening full bore. The map and letter provided by Spokane County Parks are provided in this newsletter update to help our community comprehend what is happening alongside the FLSRV trail on N. Hatch Road.

Community meetings were held last year. One gets the sense that there has been much progress in listening, design and planning since the first stage of park design in the early 2000’s. Community input appears to be taken into account. One hopes Mt. Spokane will still be visible over the many new rooftops, that the sledding will be enhanced, that play areas will not be overshadowed by organized sports, that the community will enjoy walking the trails with their dogs on leash (and the poop responsibly dealt with).

Right now the south end of vast Half Moon Prairie is undergoing irreversible alteration. Its open space once provided habitation for bands of Indians who camped and hunted near its several springs and wetlands. Homesteaders arrived in the 1880’s and grew amazing fruit crops. Their descendants logged, plowed the clay soil and tended wheat crops into early 2020. Homes, sewer, water, roads and a growing population have transformed the lovely landscape – landscape that has been an integral part of a wildlife corridor – till now.

Take a walk, wander by, examine the ongoing construction. Man’s ingenuity knows no bounds! Silence. Birds. Wind. Vistas. Play. More play. Quiet. Starry nights. Clouds.

O, Bring us a park that is a blessing for all!

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