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Finishing Touches on the Bridge

by Lindell Haggin

All the many people walking the section of trail from Golden Road along Little Spokane Dr. to Midway Rd. now have something new to admire as they cross the bridge over Little Spokane River. Stainless steel heron sculptures have been placed in the open circles at the ends of the bridge.

The heron sculpture, designed by Kay O’Rourke and Tom Hargreaves, was originally created for the piece you find at the bottom of Mill Road welcoming everyone to Little Spokane River Valley. The sculptures were crafted and donated by Gordon Cudney of Apex Industries. 

The board of FLSRV would like to express our deep appreciation to Mr. Cudney for all the work and effort he has contributed to this project and to the original project. How fortunate we are for the many people who help to make this a more beautiful and livable community.

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