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Friends of the Little Spokane River Annual Hike with Jack Nisbet — The Quarry

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

The Spokane Conservation District has moved their headquarters to the former quarry and yard of Spokane Concrete, a 50-acre haven just east of the junction of Carnahan Road and 8th Avenue in the Spokane Valley. The area contains heavily worked basalt quarries and tailings piles; it is surrounded by established neighborhoods and new apartment construction.

The fifty acres also contain significant wetland habitat, columnar basalt cliffs, and significant geological features from the volcanic Miocene Epoch and the most recent Ice Age Floods. Birds, native wildflowers, and mammals of all kinds flourish in this landscape.

The District is in the process of constructing trails and interpretation throughout their complex, and Conservation officers Garth Davis and Matt Nelson have offered to lead our group around the new trails. While we explore the area, we can discuss the history of the facility as well future management plans with Garth and Matt.


We will meet at the gate to the Quarry at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 30th.


The trail is moderately steep and can be muddy at times. Depending on water seepage, we will be out for around two hours and cover a mile and a half or so. Bring good hiking boots, snacks, and sunscreen.


The Quarry is located at 4422 East 8th Avenue in the Spokane Valley.

To participate, please complete the registration form below.

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