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Middle of Little Spokane River

by Daniel Collins

Waikiki Springs received another dose of community spirit on the Switchbacks trail in late October. Waikiki Springs is 114 acres of second-growth Douglas fir forest and river floodplain managed by State Department of Fish and Wildlife – DFW.

Ten volunteers with pitchforks, pickup trucks, and shovels planted 50 trees and shrubs to mask damaging social trails along the steep slopes down to the Little Spokane River floodplain. We were supported by the DFW’s: Area Manager Daniel Dziekan with deliveries of mulch, Large Woody Debris, plants and tools-we have an outstanding steward in Mr. Dziekan!

We’ve termed these events Save Our Switchbacks (SOS) to raise awareness to the needs of this unique area for conservation and recreation. SOS is sponsored by the Fairwood Farmers Market and is the brainchild of Chris Zeller Fairwood II president and Rob Allen, Fairwood I president. To this point, stewardship has included, litter pickup, repairing trails, and tree planting to restore damaged slopes. The basic methods we used for closing trail are borrowed from the US Forest Service.

In 2018 and beyond, we hope to engage more community in stewardship of these public lands so that we can begin to address the bigger issues and needs – such as vandalism, trespass, better signage to orient users and the planning for the Middle of the Little Spokane River conservation and trails effort. We welcome all, on our stewardship of this area.

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