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Proposed Little Spokane Drive Trail from Midway to Colbert Rd

by Mark Case, Trails Chairman

FLSRV trails committee is in the planning process of a new trail connecting the Midway Road trail to the Colbert Road trail. It will be 1 mile long and because it varies in terrain, hills, valleys and tight S-curves, it gives us some challenges. We lost our previous go-to person at the county but recently we were fortunate to get connected with Barry Greene, P.E. Transportation/Development Services Engineer. Barry will assist by getting us through all the correct checks and balances to get approval and permits.

The next big hurdle is the expense of trail construction. The cost of sixfoot-wide gravel surfacing alone will be around $12k, and construction will be at least 3 times that. A committee is looking into grants. There is a fund raising committee being established and they will be presenting more details on this new section of the trail and introducing a plan to raise the funds for its completion. Their plan will be presented in the next FLSRV newsletter that comes out in September.

Be thinking of how you might want to contribute to this cause or if you have suggestions they might use to help achieve this objective.

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