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Trail System Section Completions

by Mark Case

The Colbert Road trail was completed last fall. We now have 900 feet of trail along the north side of Colbert Road, intending to connect Little Spokane Drive to Meadowbrook Road that loops back around to Golden Road. 2017 was a very busy year with the economy back in full swing, I called about a dozen contractors, only ended up with one bid from Brownscape. They did a great job, clearing and grubbing, placing base material and a 6 foot wide gravel walking surface. The trail comes up short of Little Spokane Drive due to limited right-of-way width, a hillside and the need to drain the wetland overflow.

You may have noticed that over the summer the county tore up the connector road on the north side of the triangle (approximately 300 feet), they replaced the base gravel under the road, added a drainpipe down the middle that drains water getting under the road from the wetland on the corner, and added a roadside ditch to help divert the wetland overflow. With that new ditch in place there wasn’t room left for trail. A future trail is being discussed to connect the Midway Trail to the Colbert trail along the west side of Little Spokane Drive, it has many challenges to overcome, we are looking into grant money to complete this project.

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