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Trails Committee Update

by Mark Case

The current trail design for the west  side of Little Spokane Drive from Midway  Road to Colbert Road is progressing. Last  spring we got comments from Spokane  County looking for a few more details to  the design including ADA ramp requirements and making sure we don’t interfere  with the existing drainage ditches. 

Meanwhile we got a bid to complete the entire trail section including retaining walls and a boardwalk at the cattail area. Bid came in approximately $560k, as you well imagine our coffers are no where near that, so we continue to look for ways to raise money.

Recently we met with an adjacent land  owner that found a way along the edge  of their property that would work without  building a retaining wall, just removal of a  couple trees, which will save us money.  Another land owner gave us an easement that enabled us to save a group of trees  that we won’t have to pay to remove. The plan is to break the project up into  phases as we continue to raise money.  The length of completion will depend on  donations and possible grants that we  continue to search for. Hope you are  getting out there and enjoying the trails  we have completed so far!

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