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Vandervert Trail

by Tina Wynecoop

Great things are ‘afoot’ along the north side of Wandermere Village. 

In a recent phone interview with Justin Gray, project manager for the development, FLSRV has learned that WSDOT asked Vandervert Construction to include a separated-from-the-highway pedestrian trail on the west property line of its nearly completed Ace Hardware store complex.

This new trail, with access to the already established Vandervert pedestrian pathway beginning at Farwell Road and extending to Hastings Road, on the west side of Highway 395, will connect at the traffic light. On the east side of 395 where it heads north past the Village at Wah Hings restaurant, the trail will be a 10′ wide gently curving asphalt trail, dressed up with grass to its edge, and plantings along the nearby slope. It will connect (almost) to the WSDOT’s northern access road/trail which turns east off of Wandermere frontage road, paralleling the N/S freeway alongside and underneath the overpass at Perry Road. 

Our organization’s surveys in the community have indicated strong desires by local residents for our trails to extend to the shopping areas, as well as to churches and parks and schools. With the completion of this part of the trail system we are now on the way to reaching the goals established over a decade ago. 

FLSRV is deeply appreciative of the way Vandervert Construction has included FLSRV in its design work.

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